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10 Reasons Why STM Price Freeze is Awesome!

By: Tucson Roadrunners
As you may have heard, we are officially freezing ALL season ticket membership prices for the 2017-18 campaign! There are many reasons why this is an awesome thing, almost too many to count. Let’s break down the Top 10 Reasons why this is the best thing ever:
1) $350? Our full 35-game package for only $350?
What are you going to do with all of your leftover cash?
2) A free audience to practice your dance moves in front of.
Bust a move.
3) See Eric Selleck’s hair up-close and in person.
$1 hot dogs? That’s one of our specialties.
5) Discounted Coyotes Tickets!
Tell Brendan Perlini we say hello :)
6) Dusty.
Getting downnnnnnn
7) Discounted Merchandise!
Or if you get lucky, FREE MERCHANDISE
8) Access to players!
9) Make friends with the Rowdy Runners.
Our besties.
10) Teddy Bears? TEDDY BEARS!
You’ll have to be there to find out.
Honorable Mention: This
I mean come on!!!
For only $100 per seat, you can secure your Season Ticket Membership for next season! PLUS, we'll include a FREE ticket to one of our remaining regular season home games in March.
See you at Tucson Arena! #MeepMeep