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October 9 Postgame Quotes: Garland, Hill

By: Alex Kinkopf
Conor Garland, on his experience at Sunday’s scrimmage:
It’s exciting to get things going, obviously it’s the inaugural season with the team, so it’s good to be a part of it, and it was nice to get the first game, get the crowd to see us up-close for the first time, and now we’re just excited to get the season underway.
Garland, on the non-physical, skill-set style of game played:
Obviously we had a couple of games on the road before this weekend, so it was nice to get a little easier skate, and it was nice that all of the guys up with the Coyotes were here, and there’s a lot of skill there.
Garland, on Monday’s day off:
Yeah, obviously we’ll start looking for a place [to live], get used to the city, and it will be nice to get around. I’ve been around a couple times, I’m excited to live here, it’s been nice, it looks nice, and it’ll be nice to have a down day tomorrow.
Garland, on how he feels about the team’s camaraderie:
It was nice to get on the road with the guys, a lot of the guys you didn’t even know yet, and just start the team chemistry, it was a good first weekend.
Garland, on the advantages of being so close to the parent club:
We’ll be able to use the resources they have up there. For the younger guys, we’ll be able to ask a lot of questions to the guys up there, so just using the resources between both teams.
Garland, on his thoughts of Tucson Arena:
We’ve been practicing here a couple of times, so obviously it was nice to get a game here. Obviously the crowd was great, the stadium looked beautiful, and it will be a great place to play.
Garland, on the Roadrunners implementing the Coyotes’ style of play:
It’s just fast, blue-collar, hard-working hockey. We’ll be playing the same system as [the Coyotes] play, and just try to build the younger guys and the players here to be able to make the jump, and just play the exact same style as they play there.
Adin Hill, on the atmosphere during Sunday’s scrimmage:
It was pretty good, there were a lot of fans, I was pleasantly surprised by how many people were out there, so it was good. It was a fun game, a little more relaxed, and I’m looking forward to the home opener now.
Hill, on if the skill-heavy style played Sunday is difficult on goaltenders:
It’s a little tougher, usually the scoring chances are a little harder, but at the end of the day, you job is to stop the puck, so that doesn’t change for you.
Hill, on his 34-save performance Friday night in Stockton:
I thought it was pretty good, we were going back-to-back nights there, so I thought we played a pretty good game, and we were right in it until the end. There was a tough bounce there at the end, but I thought the team played well in front of me, for sure.