Checking In: Lane Pederson

Forward Lane Pederson took time this week from his home in Canada to answer questions submitted by fans on social media and email. He signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Arizona Coyotes on August 8 to return for his fourth season with the organization. He led the Roadrunners in scoring in 2018-2019 and was an AHL All-Star in 2019-2020 before sustaining a season ending injury.

From Kelly:
What’s your favorite place to eat downtown?

Favourite place to eat downtown is probably Obon. Great food all around and just a really good spot that I think a lot of the guys enjoy. 

From Kathleen:
Where do you go in Tucson to really relax?

My go-to spot to really relax is probably the pool at our apartment complex! It’s nice to get away from the game sometimes and shut your mind off and that’s usually where I’ll go to do that. 

From LeeAnn:
If you have a day to do anything – location and cost no limit – what would you do?

One day and no limit cost, that’s a tough one. Would probably say to go and play Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters is hosted every year would be pretty cool experience. 
From Cynthia:
What show(s) do you binge?

My roommate and I binged Game of Thrones together. I think it’s the best show series I’ve seen!
From Joe:
How are you feeling? Been on the ice this summer?

I’m feeling really good, I’ve been working out and have been skating for a while now. Really looking forward to when everything gets going again to get back to playing! 
From Jason:
Biggest thing you miss about being with the Roadrunners when you’re at home during the offseason?
 What I probably miss most when I’m home during the off-season would be not seeing the guys and staff everyday. We have a really good group of guys and it’s a lot of fun to be around everyone every day. We had a really good team this year too so even more unfortunate we weren’t able to make a run in the playoffs. 

Thanks for the questions fans, we’ll have another Tucson Airport Check-In soon!