Our Family: Chris, Gaby, Christian and Telsi

Vacations, birthday parties, jersey collections; they’ve taken over visiting arenas, taken over complete sections and their new attire now takes over the closets of a family of four Tucson Roadrunners fans.

Our Family: Happy First Father’s Day Andy

Last Summer Andy and Hilary Miele decided that Arizona would be the spot where they would return as Andy signed back up to rejoin the Coyotes organization. Not only would it be their hockey home, but it would also be where their first child was due to be born in November.

Our Family: Rutherfords Root On The Roadrunners

For Brad Rutherford, a lifelong hockey fan and player, after graduating from Ohio State University, the decision was either take the job in Tucson or take the job in Buffalo.

Our Family: Hockey With The Houghs

Let me introduce you to this edition’s Our Family, you probably already know them. They might even feel like members of your family. You know Matt and Elizabeth Hough, their two kids Ryan and Emma and Matt’s parents and Ryan and Emma’s grandparents Scott and Victoria.

Our Family: The Fenerty Four

As our organization grows, so does Henrik Fenerty. This summer we’ll be celebrating four years of being in Tucson and next month Henrik will celebrate three trips around the sun.