As we enter our Fifth Season in Tucson, “Voice of the Roadrunners” Adrian Denny will be speaking with some of our behind the scenes stars at the Tucson Arena who play integral roles on a game night that we couldn’t live without. Today, we spotlight Kate Dibildox and Chris Hook our Team Photographers.

How many total photos do you take on a game night? How many Roadrunners games have you worked?

Kate: I usually take between 1000 to 1500 Photos, depending on how many periods I shoot from between the benches.

Chris: I take anywhere between 2500 and 3000 pictures per game.
Season 1: 27  Total Games and 4 Events*
Season 2: 31 Total Games and 3 Events*

Season 3: 32 Total Games
Season 4: 21 Total Games and 2 Event*
111 total games over 4 seasons. (111 games * 2500 pics/game) = 277,500
**Events include: morning skates, season ticket holder events events


Photo By Chris Hook

What else do you enjoy taking pictures of professionally and recreationally?

Kate: Besides hockey I am extremely passionate about landscapes, especially night photography and chasing storms. Luckily, Arizona is an excellent state for both of those activities.

Chris: BC (Before Covid) I shot a lot for the UofA.  Basketball, Football, Softball and Baseball.  I also shoot high school sports for The following is a link to my portfolio on my website //  Photos include: Deandre Ayton (#1 draft pick and playing w/ the Suns),  Alex Verdugo (drafted by the Dodgers now playing w/ Boston) Softball UofA going to the College Softball World Series.


Photo By Kate Dibildox

Is there a player over the years who on the ice has the most photogenic action shots?

Kate: I would say that Pederson, Bunting and Capobianco are three of the most photogenic Roadrunner players. Crouse was only on the Roadrunners for part of one season but he is also really fun to shoot.

Chris: Not really. They all can be photogenic and they all can close their eyes with their mouthpiece hanging out at the wrong time.

Photo By Chris Hook

Where is your favorite spot in the arena to take photos?

Kate: Between the benches. You can’t beat the views and the excitement.

Chris:  In the TCC? Between the benches.

Photo By Kate Dibildox

What is the best part of being a Roadrunners photographer?

Kate: I have gotten to meet amazing people (like Chris and all the Roadrunners staff). It has also been really fun watching these players grow up and start their careers and of course just getting to watch hockey games is amazing. It has really helped me grow as a photographer, since sports are so different from what I normally shoot.

Chris: The access you have to the team and arena. The pics you can get and the stories that they can tell.