Summer Blog: Schedule’s Out, Jan Texts Part 2, Lots Of Bragging Rights

Schedule is out and off we go into the 21-22 season. Last week’s trivia question was True or False; 21-22 will mark the Roadrunners first trip to Canada when they go play Abbotsford this year. False, they played the Manitoba Moose in Winnipeg April 7 and 9 of 2017. Good luck with this week’s question for bragging rights and entertainment purposes only.


Last week, Jan Jenik and I continued texting after the Blog came out, so this week, we’ll do Part 2 of texting with Jan. We had just finished with him texting about a trip to California after the season before he got back into training.

84 Days until AHL Opening Night!

How about Dusty at Tucson KidsFest last week? He’s got another busy weekend coming up!

Let’s do this. With the schedule now out, each week, I’m going to post photos from a road city; with maybe an arena picture, some food pics, running pics etc.. For more bragging rights and entertainment purposes only, take a guess and we’ll give you the answer next week of what road city it’s from.

We talked trades/giveaways this week on the podcast and more, plus a fun theme for our Roadrunners Give Back Weekend, the schedule if you didn’t see it earlier. Everything and more below in ICYMI.

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