T-Mobile Kachina Saturdays Come To Tucson Arena

TUCSON, Ariz. – The Tucson Roadrunners, proud American Hockey League affiliate of the Arizona Coyotes, announced today that the club will introduce T-Mobile Kachina Saturdays at Tucson Arena beginning Saturday, November 23.  Joining the Coyotes in a similar tradition, the jersey pays tribute to both the heritage of the organization and provides fans with an opportunity to celebrate the Coyotes proud history in Arizona over the past two decades.

“We planned for some time to follow in our parent club’s footsteps with a Kachina Jersey,” said Roadrunners President Bob Hoffman.  “It is very exciting to see that day upon us and for fans to be able to join in the celebration of wearing the Roadrunner Kachina for the very first time.  It is also great to align with such a great partner like T-Mobile to begin and share in this tradition with us.”

The Roadrunners will have eight Kachina Saturdays during the 2019-20 campaign.  As a part of each evening, Roadrunners players will wear their new official third jerseys, the Kachina Sweaters, for the below listed Saturday home games.

Kachina Saturday Schedule:

Saturday, November 23

Saturday, December 21

Saturday, December 28

Saturday, January 25

Saturday, February 1

Saturday, February 22

Saturday, March 14

Saturday, April 4

On The Ice

The Roadrunners wrapped up another winning road trip with an 8-2 victory over the San Jose Barracuda Wednesday night.  The team is now 12-4 through 16 games.

Goaltender Eric Comrie advanced to an unblemished 3-0 record in the win since joining the club on November 9 via conditioning loan from the Arizona Coyotes.