Friday Blog With Adrian Denny: Volume 8

Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day Weekend. Tag us on social media with you and your Roadrunners mom on Sunday and we look forward to celebrating with you.

It was great to take fan questions earlier this week with Head Coach Jay Varady and Team President Bob Hoffman. Video below or if you want it in words, CLICK HERE.


Play of the Week
Jordan Gross in a shootout is always a crowd pleaser. He’s five for eight in shootouts over the last two seasons to lead the team. Happy Birthday to Jordan who also turns 25 on Saturday.

Food Pics
This week’s Food Pics come to us from Roadrunners partner Panera Bread where I always add a sweet treat for after the game for 99-cents with the purchase of any meal. Panera is my go-to on the road for the game day afternoon study session and free refills for days.

Our Family
We unveiled our second edition of Our Family last weekend on the Hough Family. If you’d like to nominate a family to be featured next, send me an email with some great stuff to CLICK HERE if you missed that story.

Love ya, Love you Mom.