Friday Blog With Adrian Denny: Volume 11


Thursday night the name was announced for the Vegas Golden Knights new AHL affiliate who will also play in the Las Vegas area. Before the completion of a new arena in Henderson, the Henderson Silver Knights will play 2.2 miles west of T-Mobile Arena at the Orleans Arena. Speaking of mileage, it’s 417 miles door to door from the TCC to the Orleans. Or, seven miles further than the Pechanga Arena in San Diego is to the TCC. Also, you probably noticed at games in February and March that we have a new partner from our Meruelo Group Family and that is Sahara Las Vegas. So make sure all future hockey road trips and leisurely trips to Las Vegas, include the Sahara! I’ll have more on the setup at Orleans Arena next week and how the Roadrunners might feel right at home.



Wear your Roadrunners gear Saturday and we’ll be out with prizes as we go about our Saturdays in town. If you’re not planning anything for Saturday that takes you out, send us photos of you in your Roadrunners gear on social media too and we’ll have some prizes for those select winners as well.


Hudson Fasching will be our Tucson Airport Check-In next week, send any questions you have for him my way and I’ll pass them along!


Alright, Food Pics, can’t believe I made it to paragraph four for this. How about some El Charro? I think these are equally spread from all three locations: Downtown, Oro Valley and Ventana, ha! And if you want more El Charro photos, just email me and we can connect offline.

Food Pics next week? How about we shift to road trip meals? Anyone like steak? A spread of appetizers? Dessert? A delightful BBQ buffet in Colorado? I can help with all of that. Road Trip Food Pics, coming next week!



With the NHL unveiling their return-to-play plan on Tuesday, let’s pull up a highlight from Darcy Kuemper’s conditioning start for us on February 22.

That’s all I have for the week folks, enjoy your last weekend in May!

Love ya!