Our Family: Feels Like Home

During Hispanic Heritage Month, “Voice of the Roadrunners” Adrian Denny will be speaking with some integral members of our community and sharing the conversations for you to enjoy and learn their stories. Manu Ferriol, Midfielder for FC Tucson is today’s feature.

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Tell us about the path that led you to Tucson?
I came from Valencia on the east coast of Spain, I’ve been playing soccer since I was five or six and eventually came here to college at George Mason University in Virginia. It went really well and I was happy to sign my first professional contract with FC Tucson. I’m so happy to be here now, everyone has been helping me a lot since I’ve been here and I hope to be here a long time.

What have been your initial impressions of Tucson?
It’s a really nice place here. The people here in Tucson, they really remind me of the Spanish people, the way that we behave, like really friendly and really close to each other and I’ve really enjoyed it here. I’ve been here two weeks now.

Growing up in Spain, what has made Tucson feel like home so fast?
Most of the people here speak Spanish, they can understand, so it’s really good for a Spanish guy and they welcome you here in your own language and are very helpful. I feel like its home honestly here. I see a lot of the same traditions as back home.

What has it been like joining FC Tucson?
We have five or six Spanish speakers here, one thing that stood out when I came here is the soccer culture on FC Tucson. Everyone is really passionate here about their team, from our coach to our manager; they’re all really passionate about what they’re doing.

What’s big about Wednesday night’s game?
It’s a must win game, people will see that we want to win and the fans will like to see that we give 100-percent every time and we hope to see everyone at the watch party.

What has been the best part about being part of FC Tucson?
The first thing is they were very welcoming to me and then I saw a team that wants to win every time. We’re hoping to keep rolling after a big win last Wednesday.