Checking In: Jeremy Gregoire

Roadrunners Forward Jeremy Gregoire took time this week to answer questions submitted by fans on social media and email. Make sure you get your questions submitted for the next Tucson Airport Check-In.

Where do you spend the offseason? (From Kyle)

Hi Kyle, I always spend my offseason in Sherbrooke, Quebec. It is my hometown and most of my family and friends live there. It’s always good to be back and spend time with them.

Favorite moment of the 2019-2020 season? (From Cindy)

Hi Cindy, the Teddy Bear Toss game was my favorite moment this year. It was a big win before Christmas break and my parents were in attendance. I was glad they could witness it.

Favorite thing about living in Tucson? (From Jeff)

Hi Jeff, the weather is definitely my favorite thing about Tucson. I’ve been back home since April and the temperature is still in the low 50s. I miss the Arizona sun and the heat.

What’s the key to being such a good penalty-kill that leads to all of your shorthanded goals? (From Kevin)

Hi Kevin, I think a good penalty-killer needs to know both team’s system very well and mix it with personal instinct. You need to anticipate what your opponent will do and where the puck will go. Once you anticipate right, a breach will open up.

Who was/is your favorite player to watch, growing up and now? (From Cynthia)

Hi Cynthia, my favorite player growing up was Jason Spezza. He was a right-handed center, just like me at the time. Nowadays, I like to emulate the style of play of Patrice Bergeron and Antoine Roussel. I like Bergeron’s mind and Roussel’s ‘’in your face’’ type of game.

Talk about brother playing pro hockey. Did your dad play? I understand the Klima brothers having a leg up with their dad playing and having a school, but there seem to be so many brothers playing. Were you and your brother competitive? (From John)

Hi John, just like the Klima brothers, I come from a hockey background. My father played minor-pro for a couple of years which led me to live in places like Tulsa and Abilene, Texas. He is now coach in Quebec’s junior league and runs a successful hockey school back home. As for my brother and I, we are both competitive when we play other sports, but hockey-wise not really. We have a very different style, him being an offensive defenceman.

Thanks for the questions fans, we’ll have another Tucson Airport Check-In soon!